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Is There A Gap In Your Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

A question to consider is if disaster strikes, will your insurance policy cover the current value of your home? Many home insurance policies bought years ago will only pay to replace the value of their home back at the time it was issued.

That is what we call a gap. And it develops when there is a significant change in the value of your home. Your homeowners insurance policy has set limits that it will pay you to replace your home which may bear no relation to the actual replacement cost of your home.

Fortunately, it is easy and quick to update your property insurance so that you are completely protected if disaster strikes. We have great discounts available so you may end up saving money while you expand your coverage.

Home insurance protects homeowners from the financial losses that result from a natural disaster's damage to their house or belongings in the house.

Additionally, with property insurance you'll protect your family from liability in case someone gets injured while on your property.

Your personal property is also covered with a homeowners insurance policy. The contents of your home plus anything of high value are part of your personal property limit.

Loss of use is a particular part of your policy that gives you a limit for living expenses that may result if you can't live in your home after damage has occurred.

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