Restaurant Insurance

Restaurant Insurance

In the restaurant business it is important to maximize your protection while minimizing exposures. Every owner knows they need a restaurant insurance protection plan. Restaurant insurance packages can include:
  • Workers Comp to protect your employees
  • General Liability for claims against you
  • Property Coverage for everything you've put into your restaurant including equipment and furniture
  • Automobile to protect against liability or physical damage losses
  • Business Income covers income that is lost due to suspended operations
  • And many more specific coverages

All restaurants are different, and each situation is unique. In many cases your lender or mortgagee will require you to carry specific types of restaurant insurance. Let us protect you, your investment and your livelihood. Monte Johnson Insurance, we'll serve you for a change.

 "Monte Johnson Insurance saved us $4,200 when we switched! We couldn't be happier with the service they have offered. Thank you!"

Carlos Gomez - Jalapeno's Taco Shop

Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Grad turned Insurance Professional

Jerry Johnson of Monte Johnson Insurance is a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Graduate. He gained his experience, in the restaurant and hospitality industry scene of the Napa Valley. He now takes that knowledge and passes it on to serving the restaurant industry's protection needs. Take if from someone who knows the ins and outs, who has worked the line and who knows what it takes to run a restaurant. Jerry says; "Whether you're running a restaurant or an insurance agency, you are still serving people first." He explains that Monte Johnson Insurance knows the most important thing for a Restaurant is quality product and service, we now take that mantra to you for your Oregon Restaurant Insurance needs. Offering quality product and service that no one, but someone who has been in the restaurant industry, can offer.

Former Restaurant Owner!

Mary Ann Young, a Licensed Customer Service Representative at Monte Johnson Insurance, used to own and manage a restaurant. She knows the daily needs, and what can happen without the right protection. Mary Ann sees the bigger picture and knows what it is like from both sides. She can help get your Restaurant Insurance and Workers Comp in place for any city.

 At Monte Johnson Insurance we are lucky to have two industry veterans on our team helping restaurant owners. They have been able to give the entire staff insight and knowledge, that only someone who has worked in a restaurant knows. Restaurant Insurance is important for every owner, we know personally just how much.