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Open enrollment is upon us. That means from November 1st, 2015 until January 31st, 2016 you are eligible to enroll into a health insurance plan. That can include options through off exchange plans or through the Federal Marketplace (check out There have been many changes to health insurance within the last couple of years. For help with your Klamath Falls Health Insurance give us a call at 541-850-8170 or email at

If you are eligible for subsidies your cost can be greatly reduced. We can help you apply through the Federal Marketplace to see if you qualify. This is part of the Affordable Care Act, to help you find more affordable health insurance options in Klamath Falls. The premium subsidies and cost sharing reductions can help you and your families obtain the health insurance that you need at a price that is affordable. Depending on you income level you can qualify for different options to reduce the cost. Some people don’t realize that today there are no longer any pre-existing conditions exceptions. This means that companies can no longer underwrite based on your health history. Also the rates are based only on your age, the area you live in and whether you use tobacco or not. This makes obtaining a plain simpler and easier to understand.

Some of the other changes you will find when looking for a Health Insurance Plan in Klamath Falls are the Metal Tiers. These are the different plans and the new way plans are designed. Again to help simplify understanding plans have to offer essential health benefits regardless of the company. The Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum options are then comparable easier company to company. The way the plans work are to cover medical costs by offering different deductibles and co-insurance. What this means is that starting with the Bronze Plans, you will pay the least premium but have the largest deductible and co-insurance if you have a claim. You will pay the least up front but will be responsible for more out of pocket before insurance kicks in. The Platinum Plans on the other hand, offer the highest premium and lowest out of pocket expenses in the time of a claim. It helps you decide which options are best for you.


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