The Basics of Oregon Winery Insurance

Whether you are just getting started or have been in the industry for years, many owners and operators still have many questions regarding what their Oregon Winery Insurance Protection Plan actually covers. Just like an auto policy or your homeowners, a lot of people get it and then never actually look at what it covers. The more complex of an operation you have, the better the reason to have a comprehensive plan. If you are just starting out and need some basic coverage, the plans are still designed to help encompass and protect your needs.

For starters, liability is the number one request. If you are just getting going with an Oregon Winery, most likely you will be required to carry liability insurance from one place or another. Liability insurance protects you from damage you may cause someone else or if someone comes after you in a lawsuit. There are different forms of liability coverage too, like liquor liability that you may need if you are serving alcohol. This may be the only form of coverage you need to give a certificate of insurance to a purveyor in order to do business with them. Many times a custom crush facility or storage warehouse may request that you are insured in order to use their premises.

Property coverage on you Oregon Winery Insurance, will cover everything from the vines themselves all the way to your finished wine product and everything in between. Depending on your needs, vines can be insured as property to protect from standard perils like fire. Crop Insurance is used to protect the actual grape production, but we’ll touch on that later. Your plan can include your primary dwelling, and rentals, warehouses, outbuildings, equipment, tools, barrels, electronics, and more in the property coverage. Everything you need to run your winery can be protected in the same protection plan.

Extra coverage for contamination and leakage are optional. Winery Insurance plans are created to help protect a winery, so they are designed with you in mind. There are a lot of areas that can help you protect yourselves from the unforeseen future. We all know that is the last thing a new or existing winery can stand, is to have your whole year go by with all the input cost and then something happens to contaminate the wine or there is a leak that loses your product.

Crop Insurance is a form of coverage for those that own or operate vineyards. It will give you many forms of coverage under the Multi Peril Crop Insurance to protect the production during growing season. It can cover losses from weather like frost, wind, heat and rain. It can also protect against plant disease and things like wildlife damage. This peace of mind is irreplaceable throughout the year and can really protect an operation when things don’t go right in the vineyard.

Oregon Winery Insurance is unique just like the wines from the area. Each plan is customized to each winery and vineyard. Even though the policies are created in general for wineries with multiple facets of coverage, the individual protection plan is modified to fit the needs for each and every winery. It is amazing how often a winery is able to combine coverage, offer a better protection plan and get a better price. By incorporating the homeowners insurance into the winery insurance, many owners are able to get increased liability limits, better property coverage and save some money by doing so. Your basic coverage for most wineries are liability and property. For more information on the details of each type of coverage please contact us and


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