Is Leakage and Contamination Coverage Necessary for My Oregon Winery Insurance?

Is Leakage and Contamination Coverage Necessary for
My Oregon Winery Insurance?


“Did you know there is coverage for that?” The winemaker says to the winery owner after they called their insurance agent. Just a few hours before they blow up a bladder press and contaminated all the wine with too much water. The loss of wine due to contamination from the accidental introduction of foreign material not customary or usual to the wine making process is a covered loss, as long as you’ve added the contamination endorsement to your Oregon Winery Insurance Protection Plan.

The question comes up, is it necessary to add the endorsement for leakage and contamination to my winery insurance. Unfortunately it is difficult to predict the future, and just like have auto insurance you hope that you never have to use it but in case of an accident you a glad that you have it. Leakage and contamination can come in very handy when you are in a bind. Accidents happen throughout a winery operation, and sometimes it is to the effect that the one is no longer marketable. That could be caused by leakage from a barrel or tank. It could also be something like wine product coming in contact with a cleaning fluid. We all know that it is a long process to go from grapes to wine, and along the way there are a lot of opportunities for something to go wrong.

Wine contamination and leakage endorsements are typically added along with a winery property endorsement. By adding this coverage it usually will add protection to areas that would normally be excluded. Coverage usually starts at $25,000 limits but additional limits can be increased if requested.

When you ask yourself if I really need leakage or contamination coverage on my Oregon Winery Insurance, do you want to be in a situation when you need it and don’t have it? It’s always a better conversation to have between and agent and client when they call and there is coverage for their problem, then when they call and the agent has to explain that they opted against the endorsement that would have provided coverage.

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