How Can Whole Farm Revenue Protection Help Vineyards?

Right now most counties that have grape production already have Multi Peril Crop Insurance Policies for those vineyards. That coverage will help each unit if it sustains a production loss due to a covered peril. The protection plan helps to avoid a loss based on your production, so how can Whole Farm Revenue Protection be better?

For a vineyard especially, one with a contract, the price and quality may be more important than the production. That is why so many hours are spent meticulously caring for the vines in order to produce the highest quality. If the quality is the issue the contract and pricing may suffer. Under a standard Multi Peril Policy the coverage would be limited unless you lost production to count. There are endorsements you can add to help coverage under MPCI, however Whole Farm Revenue Starts the year at your anticipated revenues and insures that, even for such quality issues that may drop the price due to a covered cause of loss. So for a vineyard manager they can continue to focus more on the quality, and if something happens out of their control and the intended revenue isn’t there, WFRP could help to stop that loss.

Whole Farm Revenue Protection provides protection against the loss of insured revenue due to an unavoidable natural cause of which occurs during the insurance period. It protects your operation against the loss of revenue you earn or expect to earn from commodities you produce during the insurance period. Your approved revenue amount is determined on you Farm Operation Report and is the lower of the expected revenue or your whole farm historic revenue which is basically taken from the five year average of your Schedule F.

For a vineyard this helps to add a layer into your protection plan for issues that lower your overall revenue, not necessarily your production. Every growing season and vintage is different. Many times there are elements out of the control of the grower, and even though they did everything right the crop just didn’t turn out the way it was expected. So even if production is good but there was an issue in the year that caused a lower price and your operation’s revenue is hurt by it, Whole Farm Revenue Protection could be an option that can help protect a vineyard.

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