Workers Comp Costs in Oregon

Workers Compensation Insurance is mandatory in the state of Oregon.

Therefore, every business owner must carry workers compensation insurance for their employees.  What most forget or are not aware of is that they can, with a little effort, control their workers comp costs more effectively by adding a solid Safety Program to the workplace. Makes sense that any company should have this, although, builders and manufacturing companies have higher risk than an office, let’s say.

Why should we investigate all accidents and injuries?

One great way to reduce costs of workers comp is to investigate every injury/illness that occurs.  What a lot of companies do, is just investigate the injuries or illnesses that must be recorded on the OSHA 300 log.  You may think, ok, that’s what we do at my company- how is that hurting us? Well, statistics show that of every 100 on the job injuries, 10 are OSHA record-worthy and 1 will include lost time as well. That means 89 injuries are going un-investigated? That is a lot! By investigating every injury, you are increasing the chances of reducing loss.  Getting to the root of the problem, or why the injury happened in the first place is really important. That sets your company up for success, fewer losses, and lower insurance costs!

Why is a Safety Program Important?

Experience shows that companies with thoroughly developed OSHA-compliant programs have few accidents, more productive employees and lower workers compensation costs.  In order to be successful, safety precautions must be integrated into daily operations of the business. A great way to get started with this is to look over the OSHA Standards.  These will identify areas you may see benefit in bringing up to your staff every day. Change comes from the top down.  If employees see their supervisor/boss implementing AND following through with the Safety Program, they will more than likely follow. If the top doesn’t practice it, well, maybe it’s not that important and staff will not follow either.

Here in Central Oregon, we are booming with construction and new growth. What an exciting time! If you need help, or want to learn how we can manage your program for you (because that’s what we do- we create and manage your workers comp program for your company), please feel free to give us a call in our Redmond office at: 541.923-5522 or contact us here.

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