Wildfire Season in Full Swing

It is wildfire season out here on the West Coast, and right now, it’s not looking so good. We’ve got fires raging all over the states of Washington, Oregon and California, and that has lead to some pretty poor air quality. According to the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) wildfire smoke is made up of […]

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UBI: Reaping the benefits of safe driving

Safe drivers should be rewarded with lower auto insurance premiums.  If you agree with that statement then it is high time you started looking into Usage Based Insurance (UBI). UBI is different than conventional auto insurance in that your rates are based on your driving, not years of historical data.  How does UBI track your […]

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Foodborne Disease: Can we prevent it?

As consumers, we are sometimes at the whim of mother nature (and her distributors) as to whether or not we get a foodborne illness. Maybe you heard about that big outbreak of salomnellosis that occurred a few years ago. No one state in particular suffered more than any other, but the outbreak was spread throughout […]

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5 Articles That Prove Airbags Can Save Your Life

It is no secret that airbags save lives. In fact, since frontal airbags have been required in all vehicles beginning model year 1999, the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) estimates that 28,000 lives have been saved by airbags. 40 percent of those were wearing seatbelts, while the other 60 percent were not. Side airbags […]

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A Reminder that Wildfire Season is coming

Smokey the Bear tells us that only we can prevent wildfires, and while that might not be 100% true (hello lightning strikes), it is still a great message. Wildfire season is upon us and we need to make sure that when we are out enjoying the great outdoors, we are doing so safely. So, let’s […]

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Changes in Oregon State Park Smoking Law

Here comes camping season, and if you are a frequent visitor to one of the many great state parks in Oregon then we have a new policy change that we here at Monte Johnson Insurance Services think you need to know about. As of the start to 2014, campers (and their visitors) are now only […]

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Preparing for an Adjuster’s Visit

When disaster strikes, one of the first calls you should make is to your insurance carrier. The sooner we can start working on your claim, the sooner you can put your life back together. Extensive property damage caused by a storm often requires a visit from an insurance adjuster. Their job is to evaluate the […]

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Insuring Your Summer

Summer is a time for fun and sun. There are camping trips, RV excursions, vacations and cookouts to be had, but if you aren’t adequately insured these fun times could become real costly real quick. Before the summer gets into full swing, we’d like you to review your insurance policies for the following:   Are […]

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