Preventing Heat Illness

Temperatures are heating up this week, which means it is time to review a few simple tips for keeping heat illness at bay. If you or your employees work outside in the sun, then listen up! This blog post is for you. What is heat illness? Heat illness occurs when your body temperature increases beyond […]

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Tornado Survival Tips

Oregon is a long ways from Tornado Alley. Out here, we’re far more concerned with the possibility of a blizzard or earthquake than we are with a tornado. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for the eventuality that one may hit. Do you remember the Aumsville tornado of 2010? To say that it […]

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Help for Heartbleed

Heartbleed. It’s got a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? A little more catchy than its technical name, CVE-2014-0160. Heartbleed though is more than just a nickname. It was coined as a press friendly means of alerting the general public to a big problem. On April 7th, it was discovered that there is a two-year-old […]

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It’s a Loss, but is it a Total Loss?

If you drive a vehicle then odds are you’ve either been in, or will be involved in an auto accident. It doesn’t have to be a big one, just a little fender bender, maybe a collision with one of those pesky deer that will be making their way down from the mountains soon. No matter […]

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So. Cal Quakes a Reminder to be Prepared

Southern California got rockin’ and rollin’ this past weekend with a magnitude 5.1 earthquake. While we out here in Northern California and Southern Oregon don’t quite have the same risk for quakes as in Southern California, there is definitely still risk, we are after all still in the Ring Of Fire. The Ring Of Fire […]

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Home Office Spring Cleaning Tips

  We have a lot of clients who work from home, so we wanted to take this week’s post and give those of you who do a few tips for spring cleaning your home office. We hope these help! Home Office Spring Cleaning Tips Step 1 – Tackle the desk If you’re anything like us […]

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Good News For Oregon Teen Drivers

  Did you hear the good news, Oregon teens? If you complete a state-approved driver education program, you may be eligible to have your driving test waived! Applicants for a provisional license need only show up to the DMV with the plastic card certifying that they have in fact passed the rigorous driving test from […]

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Even High Net Worth Families Can Save

There are a lot of ways to save on insurance services, and insurance savings are for everyone, even high net worth (HNW) individuals. Unfortunately for HNWs, they are the most likely to miss out on savings opportunities, at least for those insured by mass-market insurance companies. Independent agencies like Monte Johnson Insurance Services however, have […]

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