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California is one of the richest Agriculture producing areas in the entire world. It doesn’t matter what it is, California seems to be able to produce it, and produce it well. From the coastal areas, to the deserts, to the high mountains, and the rich San Joaquin Valley, California has it all. There are over 400 different commodities in California alone, check out the California Department of Food and Agriculture for more information. It is almost unbelievable the abundance of Agriculture, and not only the abundance but the high quality as well.

With all of these commodities comes risk though, and that is why there is California Crop Insurance. What if there is a drought? A California Crop Insurance Policy could protect you and your loss of a commodity from that. There are many policies that vary county to county and crop to crop. Depending on where you live and what you raise, the chances are there is a California Crop Insurance Policy to protect you. California Multi Peril Crop Insurance can protect you, your income and your livelihood from devastation. Perils such as wind, heat, excess moisture, failure of irrigation supply, frost and more are covered under most policies. At the beginning of the year you can insure your crop no matter the unpredictability of the growing season, you will be guaranteed a a certain level that you choose.

Whole Farm Revenue Protection

WFRP provides protection against the loss of insured revenue due to an unavoidable natural cause of loss which occurs during the insurance period and will also provide carryover loss coverage if you are insured the following year.

Here are some of the available policies:

  • Wheat Crop Insurance
  • Barley Crop Insurance
  • Alfalfa Crop Insurance
  • Potato Crop Insurance
  • Onion Crop Insurance
  • Mint Crop Insurance
  • Grape Crop Insurance
  • Perennial Crop Insurance
  • Tomato Crop Insurance
  • Almond Crop Insurance
  • Apple Crop Insurance
  • Avocado Crop Insurance
  • Cherry Crop Insurance
  • Citrus Crop Insurance
  • Corn Crop Insurance
  • Cotton Crop Insurance
  • Rice Crop Insurance
  • Walnut Crop Insurance

Several Multi Peril Crop Insurance Policies that are available include:

  • Actual Production History
  • Revenue Protection
  • Yield Protection

More information regarding California Crop Insurance and policies available is available through the RMA if you click here.

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