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California Farm Insurance can be made to fit the needs of any farmer in the state. It doesn’t matter what you farm, a California Agriculture Insurance package can be customized for you. Whether you just want some additional information or are looking for a proposal, fill out the Free Quote form at the top of this page to get started now!

A California Agribusiness Insurance plan can cover all your needs. By combining multiple coverage options, companies are able to create insurance packages that protect you better and save you money. A simple California Agriculture Insurance package can cover your property like buildings, your equipment, all of your locations and even give you liability coverage, all on one policy. We even have the options to put your Commercial Auto Insurance policy with the same company. This helps simplify the plan for you, protects you better and can save you money at the same time. At Monte Johnson Insurance Services, Inc., we specialize in protecting farmers with the very best California Farm Insurance. Let us to do the job for you.

California Crop Insurance is another policy available throughout the state. For almost every operation and every commodity there is a plan to help protect your crop production. With a California Crop Insurance plan, you are able to take some of the risk out of farming. We all know each year is different, but with the right protection you can comfortably weather the losses a bad year can bring. If you have a loss to your crop, your insurance can be there to replace that lost income. These plans can protect your operation from financial hardship and keep you going even when disaster strikes.

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