Winery Insurance

Wineries big or small present a special risk. Everyone’s operation is different and you need a protection plan in case anything ever happens. When running a winery there are so many things to think about, but what we want is for you to not have to worry about any of them… Your Winery Insurance Package should protect every aspect of your operation.

What is normally covered in a Winery Insurance Package?

  • Buildings used for processing and storage
  • Property like barrels and equipment
  • Tasting rooms
  • Offices
  • Liability and Liquor Liability

Are there any optional Coverages? – Yes!

  • Equipment Breakdown
  • Special Events Coverage
  • Wine Storage
  • Computer and Data Processing
  • Wine Leakage
  • Wine Contamination
  • Brands and Labels

Wineries are a business and they need professional coverage. It doesn’t matter whether your winery is in Oregon or California we customize your Winery Insurance Package to your needs. We know what you have put into your winery, and we want to help protect that dream.

Crop Insurance for Vineyards is separate from the Winery Insurance Packages, but it protects the actual production of the grapes on a yearly basis. It insures that you will have an income as the grower regardless of the growing conditions that year, and can keep your operation running year to year with little risk.

Workers Comp is also an option to add to your customized plan.

If you are in California visit our California Winery Insurance page for a quote. The same is true for Oregon Wineries, check out Oregon Winery Insurance page to get more information.

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