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Is there Insurance for Fire Damaged Vineyards?

Is There Insurance for Fire Damaged Vineyards?   With the recent devastation from wildfires there have been many questions about insurance coverage on vineyards. No one could have anticipated the speed and ferocity of the fires that occurred on October 8th. Our thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by this disaster. Emergency […]

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Estate Planning For Farmers

The importance of estate planning for farmers. How life insurance and a living trust can help a farm continue to operate in the case of a sudden death. Farms are complicated. Usually there are multiple properties, multiple owners, and multiple interests. When heirs come into the picture, then another layer of complication is added. If the partners of a farm haven’t set up their plans, this could be a big mess. Life insurance is a big way to help in your planning as well. The last thing any farmer wants is to have worked their whole life to build up their farm and then not be able to pass it along because they failed to do the right planning ahead of time.

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Go Local, Go CSA

At Monte Johnson Insurance, we support our local growers. Not only do we insure them, but we buy from them too.  Which is why we couldn’t be happier to see the latest rise in Community Supported Agriculture (CSA). What is a CSA? It is food distribution system that connects consumers directly to the farmers who […]

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