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What is your Napa Valley Earthquake Risk?

What is your Napa Valley Earthquake Risk? In some areas of the country, the risk of an earthquake is never far from people’s minds. In areas along the San Andreas Fault line in California, the earth has a way of nudging people awake if Californians ever feel complacent. Obviously with the recent earthquakes in the […]

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President’s Holiday

President’s Day Holiday The official American Holiday celebrated on the third Monday of February was originally celebrated in honor of George Washington our first president. Current times now make it a day in remembrence and honor of past president’s typically including Abraham Lincoln, who’s birthday was also in February. Most federal departments are closed for […]

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Home Office Spring Cleaning Tips

  We have a lot of clients who work from home, so we wanted to take this week’s post and give those of you who do a few tips for spring cleaning your home office. We hope these help! Home Office Spring Cleaning Tips Step 1 – Tackle the desk If you’re anything like us […]

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Autumn Cooking

With the change of seasons comes a change in our eating habits. The days are shorter and temperatures are cooler, so we are spending more time inside. With more time inside, it means more time to spend on a dinner. Rather than some of those late night summer barbeques when everyone stays out till dark, […]

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