Grapes are insurable if the vines:

Have reached the fourth growing season after being set out; or
Have reached the third season after grafting for all varieties.

Many varieties of grapes are listed for each county. You must insure all
your acreage of a particular variety in a county at the same coverage
level. However, one variety can be insured and not another. For
example, you could insure all your Chardonnay and none of your Merlot

Counties Available

Grapes are insurable in Alameda, Amador, Calaveras, Colusa, Contra
Costa, El Dorado, Fresno, Glenn, Kern, Kings, Lake, Madera, Marin,
Mendocino, Merced, Monterey, Napa, Nevada, Riverside, Sacramento,
San Benito, San Joaquin, San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Santa Clara,
Santa Cruz, Solano, Sonoma, Stanislaus, Tulare, and Yolo counties.
Grapes in other counties may be insurable by written agreement if
specific criteria are met. Contact a crop insurance agent for more details.

Causes of Loss

You are protected against the following:

Adverse weather
Failure of irrigation water supply
Insect damage and/or plant disease, unless you have insufficiently
or improperly applied pest or disease control measures
Volcanic eruption; or Wildlife.

Insurance Period

To insure the crop you plan to harvest this year, you must apply for
coverage with a crop insurance agent before January 31. Insurance
coverage begins in February for vineyards that haven’t been insured
before and ends the earlier of the date harvest ends, or November 10.

protect your vineyard

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